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United Kingdom

November 2018

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Eva Hunt

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As a self-taught artist I began my artist journey with "drawing my emotions", expressing them with shapes and colours, using art as an outlet and stress release tool. It was only a hobby until 2016, when I realised how my art moves people emotionally, it helps them to connect with their emotions and soul. My art is all about bright colours, movement and fluidity. When I am not painting I am a colour therapist. I adore colours. Adding colours can bring objects, and our surroundings to life. They are energy waves that not only have the power to shift our mood, but also affect how we feel physically and mentally. I am fascinated by this, and aim to paint uplifting, vibrant pictures, which are full of life. I create abstract art, mainly with acrylics on canvas. I adore nature, so I often paint trees of my imagination, dragonflies and birds. I am also drawn to the Universe depicted on pictures. I enjoy painting the human eye and angels.


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