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January 2013

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Emma Hames

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Growing up in rural Shropshire I spent a lot of my childhood roaming the Stiperstones hills and painting and drawing. Surrounded by nature, it became a big part of my life, my comfort zone and inspiration. Despite feeling most at home in nature and the creative classes at school I chose to study Environmental Science at University, where I could learn the Science behind the issues I could then explore through creative channels. After graduating I had the opportunity to travel and one country I particularly fell in love with was Cambodia where I spent some time in an arts orphanage; teaching Art and English and soon after I trained as a teacher. After qualifying I moved to the south of France where I worked with students of all ages and backgrounds, from 3 year olds to graduates and adults. This taught me a lot about creativity in education and our relationships with the world, whether it was sketching garden drawings with nursery school children or discussing the future of overpopulation and green living with students at the Montpellier School of Architecture. I enjoy working with different tools and materials and I think art can reflect life in that way. Some days you want to go on big adventures and some days you want to just sit in in the garden with a tea, in the same way that some days being energetically expressive with paints feels great and other days call for being calm and concentrated on a drawing. Having visited and lived in a variety of places I've always been fascinated with the way we are affected by, and by the way we affect our environments. This is at the root of what I choose to paint in particular. The environmental issues we all face are in my opinion deeply intrinsic to our sense of well-being and that's something that I aim to explore further through creativity in the future. When I'm not teaching or in the studio I'm usually writing songs, reading or pondering life with a coffee by the ocean.



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