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United Kingdom

June 2017

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Emma Donaldson

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Emma Donaldson is a largely self taught artist who has attended classes at "Attenborough Arts" in Leicester and "Roof Top Arts" in Corby. She has been profoundly affected by the impact that her work has had on herself and other people. Two of those who she holds in high esteem have assured her that they can see "faces and characters" in her work. Emma would define herself as a "Textural Abstract Artist". She has exhibited paintings in "Cank Street Gallery" Leicester "Ten2 Gallery" Leicestershire "Roof Top Gallery" in Corby and "The Millennium Gallery" Sheffield. She has work displayed in DMU and her private collectors include other artists, photographers and academics. This artist has wanted to be a Dadaist since she saw Barry Humphries with a wellington boot full of custard. With this in mind she wrote a surreal play in Spanish entitled "La Vida Local". This is completely unintelligible to anyone particularly the Spanish. She is also a life model at Universities and Art Groups.


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