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July 2011

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Ella Prakash

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Indian artist Ella Prakash Founder of Ella art gallery and Ambassador for Arts of India in Bahrain. Her career started in 1984, A lifelong fascination with painting shapes the work of Ella Prakash. Ella being a celebrated artist across the globe, through her exhibitions has shown a clear evolution in her approach to art making it evident its truly limitless power. She has successfully exhibited her work internationally London UK, Art Expo New York, Miami USA Germany, and India. Ella Prakash focused so closely on the medium of painting, which seems almost like a liberation, opening up the potential to give the issue of form and background, space, areas, and lines a new level of concentrated dynamism. In reviewing her artistic concepts, Ella Prakash explains the meaning behind her series: “When you start painting you always will have a base idea of what your finished work should be, but more importantly allow yourself to prepare as many as alterations of your base idea. Simply because once your mind has decided to steer your thoughts, you start to unravel emotions and strokes that you never thought you could express”. In regards to her colorful compositions, she mentions:” My spirit is mirrored in my work. I believe that every work of art must carry a message.” Art, for her, has been a way of expressing her perception, dreams, and aspirations of women. In early years, women’s’ roles have varied in the society for the period of time. She tends to focus on the topic of discriminations and double standards faced within the walls of her society. She always visually managed to incorporate all the elements of this topic and create an impact insincere positivity. I work in a very limited palette of colors. She changes my palette depending on a series of work; lately, she been working on a series of seamless cubic patterns with underlying various perspectives of women within transparent layers to capture her distinctive personality. Abstract figurative art is what she chooses as a theme and she expresses her strong feeling to capture the beauty of women. Positive feminism is what she explores. Powerful and strong women want she wants to depict her art. With her current abstract series, Ella Prakash challenges herself to unlearn the pattern of control she seeks in representation; thus, reinventing the language of anatomy, chiaroscuro, and storytelling. Ella Prakash's paintings are distinctive for their bold brush strokes and vibrant colors. They record on both micro- and macroscopic dimensions in her exploration with a new language that frees her and welcomes viewers' contemplation. Ella Prakash’s signature is clearly legible in these works. In a very loose form, they show the visual codes that she has developed in her painting oeuvre over the past years. The works are immediate, expressive and at the same time fascinatingly calculated, creating unique dreamscapes, which reflect the artist’s personal dynamism. Exhibitions 2017/ Global Art Awards art exhibition – Hotel Armani Dubai (UAE) 2016/ Art Gemini Prize art exhibition –London 2016/ India Habitat Center- Visual Art Gallery- New Delhi India (solo) 2015/ Nehru center London UK 2015/ Debut contemporary (solo show) 2015/ Art expo new York/group show Selected Exhibitions 2014/ Debut contemporary- London 2013/ Brick lane gallery - London 2013/ Tads art gallery- India 2012/ Renaissance Gallerie –Bangalore India –(solo show ) 2011/ Jain Marunouchi Gallery –New York (Group Show) 2010/ Agora Gallery--New York (Group Show) 2010/ MarziartInternationaleGalerie (Germany) 2010/ Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art--Las Vegas-(Group show) 2010/ Amsterdam Whitney Gallery International of fine art--New York (Group show) 2010/ Ico Gallery -–New York (Group Show) 2010/ Sams Art Hub- Mumbai India (solo) 2009/ Jain Marunouchi Gallery –New York (Group Show) 2008/ Delhi, India 2008/ Ella Art Gallery, - Bahrain (Solo) 2007/ Hotel Crown Plaza, - Bahrain (Solo) 2006/ Formula 1 Exhibition in Bahrain National Museum 2004/ Mother & Child Welfare, - Bahrain 1999/ Bahrain National Art Museum Achievements Shortlisted for Art Gemini prize, London. Shortlist of 4th International emerging artist awards http://www.emergingartistaward.com/Gallery2015 CWC - Collective for Women & Children-London2015 - Painting Auction for charity Arts for India – London- 2015 Painting Auction For Charity Publication ? International Contemporary Masters Volume III ? New Collectors Book 2015 ? ATIMS top 60 masters 2015 Awards ? 10th International the American Juried Art Salon Awards. ? TOPTEN International Art Competition, Women in the Arts (Artrom Gallery Rome –Italy) ? Honorable mention- By Art vita.com 2nd Art contest.


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