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October 2015

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Elisabeth Grosse

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Her approach is based on making mental associations and on emotions, influenced by fine art, fashion and craftsmanship. Whilst exploring new expressive designs, she likes to experiment with colour, make-up and photography. Her inspiration is multi-layered. The works are developed in several stages, it is a journey and development starting from a pencil sketch to digital scenic modification. Design software is used to create a surface design and textile pattern. The combination of manual drawing and digital modification characterizes her style. She transforms materials and uses them in a new context. Latest Art Fair: PARALLAX, Kensington London 5 - 7th July 2019 Latest Exhibition: SUPERART, 9 - 14th August, The Old Biscuit Factory / Art Number 23, Bermondsey London [email protected]


Elisabeth an artist, fashion and graphic designer, who has worked with top designers such as Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson. Whilst studying fashion design at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld in Germany, her artworks were showcased in several publications. Born in Meissen in Germany and coming from a family of artists, she loved to draw since her childhood which broadened her talent.


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