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Personal exhibition at Brecht theatre, Perugia (Italy) - 2016
Collective Exhibition and Artistic Review at the Dantebus Art Gallery of Via Margutta, Rome (Italy) - June and July 2021
Virtual collective exhibition at


Lower Secondary School of Art in Perugia, Italy - (3 years)
Private painting lessons with the italian artist Barbara Mencarelli - ( 10 years)

January 2022

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Elisa Antolini

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My paintings represent the most intimate and deep part of me. The world filtered by my way of being and perceiving life. Each color, each nuance, each stroke imprints on the canvas the texture of emotions that built the person I have become today, as well as the one I am not yet. My art is a part of me that cannot be expressed in words, cannot be controlled or contained, the part that, even in the darkest and most desperate periods of my life, radiates the light that allows me to continue to see the beauty of the world, of life and of the human being.



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