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United Kingdom

February 2014

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Edna Santos Raunsbjerg

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Hi, I am Edna Santos Raunsbjerg. I was born in Brazil but have lived and worked in England since 2003. I am a impressionist, expressionist painter and potter based in Bury, Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. I hope you find something in my gallery that you like, something that will make your world just a little more beautiful. The pictures are the results of my thoughts and emotions at any present moment. Each piece is unique and as an open-minded and curious person, I cannot limit myself to one style painting just because this or that style sells better than another. I love the diversity of our surroundings, countries and people. I would like people to discover what is hidden beneath the surface and to enjoy the paintings with more than just one sense. I like perfection because it brings security but I love imperfection because it is… just perfect... I am inspired by the patterns and movement in nature and the Cosmos, and eventually developed a painting style that combines traditional painting techniques with more abstract and contemporary techniques. My artworks evolve from simple ideas. They are expressionistic, impressionistic, art abstract, dramatic and something possibly unique to me in the feelings they evoke. I would like to think that paintings have 'small souls' woven into them by the artists and that these are what call out to a viewer (or not as the case may be) and give a painting presence and desirability. My goal is to one day paint a place so beautiful to stimulate the viewer to go deep into the painting to see the imaginable and allow our creativity to flow far and wild to create worlds where others can do the same - even if only for a little while. My webside Vid'Art "Life art" is coming soon. Personal artistic trademark, Vid'Art: ‘Life Art’ - a combination of the Portuguese vida and the English art.



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