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United Kingdom

February 2008

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Dmitry Guskov

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My art varies from realistic landscapes to surreal worlds and creatures however my favourite subjects are animals - real or imagined. In my animal paintings I show individual, almost humanlike, character of the subjects and often add some unusual elements to highlight that personality. Educated to a computer degree in Moscow, Russia, I was always interested in visual art. I began to draw with pen and pencil at school and paint with gouache at University and later switched to oil as my main medium. I am a self taught artist however my mother being an artist herself gave me some tips and, most important, the inspiration. In Moscow I exhibited artwork in a number of venues (joint and solo) and received awards including the First Prize from the Festival of New Visual Culture 1997. Later I found a compromise between art and computer in web design and computer graphics and worked in this area for many years. This career brought me to the UK in 2000 where I decided to take art more seriously and returned to oil painting after 8 years break.


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