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May 2020

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Dimpal Shah

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Born in 1967, Art has been an integral part of my life since growing up in India. Since childhood, my artistic talent was recognised by teachers, family and friends. I have been creating paintings and portraits using a variety of media. As per commission from family and friends, I have created several pieces upon request since being a student. In India, I studied B.A Fine Arts at Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Following this in 1992, I moved to the UK. My main art medium is oil painting. I mainly focus on oil realism however occasionally enjoy pencil and acrylic paints too. My key inspirations come from the colourful creatures of the world, namely birds, flowers and various animals. When I create a new painting, I want to depict the beauty in nature. To create something without words, only with colours inspires me. My creation are an extension of myself, whereby I can care and nurture a painting to life. I grow an attachment to my pieces and wish to share my creations with other people. Upon completing a piece of artwork, I experience an immense feeling of pride and satisfaction, which drives me to begin the next one. My family and friends have encouraged me to enter a larger market to share and sell my work. My work is expression of my soul. Please check out my website-


“Nature is created by God but Art is created by an Artist. Keep Art alive with respect and appreciation.”


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