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February 2016

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Diana Taylor-basilio

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I was first introduced to art as a toddler by my grand aunt who was an artist herself. I then followed art as a subject in school and was fortunate to study under Mr Sihil .M. Sirisena. Since leaving school I have continued to teach myself. I enjoy exploring & experimenting with different mediums. My personal pleasure is to use my art to bring beauty to others visually and by helping to make this world a better place. Every time a painting is sold a percentage of the profits is donated to a charity. Art can be beautiful and bring joy in many different ways. Enjoy your purchase knowing you have made a difference to someones life whilst enjoying the beauty of the piece you have chosen. To see which charities are supported you can connect with Taylor-Basilio Creations on Facebook and Instagram


Exhibitions 1994 - National Art Gallery Sri Lanka. Won a position to exhibit work in the Daily News Art competition 1997 - Lionel wend memorial art centre Sri Lanka as an art student. 2016 Jan-Feb Mill Hill Art gallery Rayleigh. Group exhibition with the Rayleigh Art Group 2017 Group exhibition with Rayleigh Art Group at Mill Hill Art gallery


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