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April 2017

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For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about wildlife and nature, this started at an early age with me being a member of the RSPB, a young ornithologist. Although birds were my early passion I soon become hooked on all wildlife from around the world, in particular big cats and African wildlife. I am entirely self taught. I also like to paint the landscapes that wildlife inhabit. After many years using different mediums to produce my work I have now settled down to just using a mixed media of acrylic and oils. My paintings can take many days, weeks or months to produce depending on the size and detail of each project. In 1999 I was selected as a finalist in the " paint a wildlife subject " (paws) competition where I was the first ever finalist to reach the finals at the first attempt! My work has sold in a gallery in Bristol, but the only place to purchase my work in the future will be online and at international art fairs.


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