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November 2013

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Davide De Palma

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ABOUT MY INSPIRATION "Painting has always been my way to communicate. Convey emotions and feelings through paintings, to arrive in the soul of the observer is my purpose. I have the inspiration from the unsurpassed beauty of nature, by the reflection of light of a sunset, by the sound of the rain when it comes down, by the scents that releases from the spring." The artistic movement to which I am closer is the abstract impressionism, and informal art." MY PAINTING "I create artwork in a single original and do not make reproductions or copies. The technique used by me is of excellent quality thick oil on canvas 100% coton, painted through the paintbrush, palette knife and often to complete my artworks I use my fingers. The canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and artwork is ready to hang. On the painting there is a layer of final varnish that protects against UV light and dust. The original abstract painting is signed by me on the back of the canvas and is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity whit photo." SHORT BIOGRAPHY Davide De Palma was born in Benevento in 1978. Lives his childhood in Pago Veiano village in the province of Benevento cultivating it from an early age the love of drawing, music, poetry and literature. He wrote his first poems at the age of twelve, at the same time began the study of his instrument the guitar and had a passion for drawing. He graduated from a technical institute in Benevento and passion for art led him in 2003 in Bologna, where he studied for two years at the Academy of Fine Arts and lives his move to painting. He currently lives in Montefalcone di Val Fortore. The constant in his life is the love for the art, the search continues deepening the meaning and modes of expression of emotions SOME REWIEWS by Mariateresa De Lucia - Journalist Davide De Palma , artist with his works full of color expresses his personality and his being , blending the colors in swirls of emotions that convey to the viewer the image of His essence , at times, infusing into it the feeling of an image. , in his words is contained the essence of his painting - "Painting is dancing with colors, to tell a mute poetry , surprised to see the world through the eyes of a child , into a hymn of joy to life. Painting is my meditative act , it's my Karma " by Irene - Gallery Maudì in Madrid "I find his artistic research contemporary and very personal. I like his informal art, his compositions who creates through color and I like the color range his use. I find his entire collection very poetic and contrasts, synchronies and nuances of color very beautiful and awesome." °°° THANKS FOR VISITING, Davide


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