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United Kingdom

January 2017

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David Watkins

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I come from a military background. After leaving the armed forces, having served 22 years. I was employed in various occupations, until I become self-employed, selling a variety of different things on-line, through websites I created myself. Then about five years ago, I started teaching myself about video and photography, I then went on to making wedding videos, and from there moved to making gifs and moving pictures. Late last year I found out about fractals and fractal art work and from that moment onwards, I knew this was the path I wanted to take, since then I have produced many pictures, and I have also made some videos as well. I have been told by many friends and family, that I should try and sell my work on-line, and that my art work was of such a high standard that it should be seen in a gallery. I came across this site as it was highly recommended, and thought it would be an ideal portal for my Fractal art work, I think I have always had a very good eye for colour and shapes, and I try to bring this all together in my fractal art work. I hope you enjoy viewing my works of art, as much I did producing it.


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