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July 2015

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David morrall

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I find the philosophies of Zen Buddhism very inspiring. The Buddha said with our thoughts we make the universe. How much more true is it then that the artists make his own worlds with the medium he chooses. These pictures are very much ideas that spring from my subconscious and the dream state. Naked females in my pictures represent beauty. I am very much drawn to women and feminine power, they also cast a nod to classical works, where a naked woman was often depicted. Cats in my pictures also represent objects of beauty. I own three and find them entrancing. They seem very relaxed and neurosis free, a state of existence that seem preferable to the human condition. Lambretta motor scooters play an important part in my pictures. Designed in the early sixties by Nuccio Bertone, they seem to be objects with a timeless elegance. Artists that inspire me especially are Aubrey Breadsley and Egon Schiele, also the comics of my youth and illustrated novels that I still enjoy reading. I have a degree in graphics/illustration which I received from Brighton University. Since then I have concentrated my work on fine art, preferring to make images for myself rather than work for an employer. I have had several exhibitions with other artists in my home town, but now I feel it is time to branch out. These pictures are unframed and produced on heavy gauge cartridge paper in Indian ink and marker pens. They are A3 in size and will be delivered to you rolled in a thick postal tube for maximum protection. Picture size in 297mm x 420mm 11.69inches x 16.59 inches Weight of paper 200gsm


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