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January 2011

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David Melrose

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I am self taught and have my own studio. I have always been a keen artist since I was a kid, experimenting in many mediums from pencil to oils. I get inspiration from absolutely anything and everything, whether it is something I see, or feel. My styles and techniques are constantly changing and I find that each painting takes me on a new journey of discovery and provides me with even more ideas for the next. Having been a photographer for many years now many of my paintings are based on photographs that I have taken over the years, providing either a starting point or a complete composition to be re-interpreted into paint. In my early days I sold many charcoal portraits of famous film stars like James Cagney, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and musician’s like the Beatles, Mick Jagger, Elvis. I also managed to sell a few landscape water colours. It’s great now to release my passion for landscapes, in oils. I use a mixture of styles from wet on wet to more traditional painting styles. I am now more serious than ever before and I have enrolled on an art course as I believe that you never stop learning and I am excited to find out where this takes me and what I will start to produce with my new found knowledge. Watch this space as I experiment and explore see what I am capable of producing.


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Submitted by irene h 30/04/2015


Perfect! Now framed and centre stage on my wall. The painting is much superior to many I have seen at much higher prices, hope to buy more from this artist.

Submitted by irene h 30/04/2015