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inventor of ventaneb and toilet shield

United Kingdom

Bourneville School of Art, Graphic Artist, Ice Performer, Paramedic

January 2019

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David Byrne

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I studied at The Bournville School of Art in Birmingham around 1975... studied Graphic Art... Screen Printing and I am self taught in Fine Art using various media including Pastel, Watercolours, Acrylics, Gouache and Oils... I have many family members who have PINCHED my art but only in a good way... I have given away my art many times as gifts.... I am a working class bloke born in Moseley in Birmingham who went to a tough Catholic School in Sparkhill Birmingham brought up at my Irish Grandma's lodging house in the late 1950s and 60s... strict catholic BEATINGS made me stay in my bedroom to avoid my Mother and Father... I chose to spend my time experimenting with art.... mostly pencil drawings as the pencil was the only thing that I could afford.... I have sold my original art all over the world... I am not prolific and my mental illnesses plus osteoarthritis in both wrists now take its toll.



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