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No art education self tought

March 2021

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Darren Rogers

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I started sketching as a child. I am self tought. I was kicked out of art class in secondary school but still continued to paint up until 18 when i did a painting and it got hung in the art gallery in Newark Town Hall. I then did not paint again until I was 36. On the 2nd January 2021 I picked up a brush after 20 years and the works of art you see to day are from the last couple of months of getting back into painting. I only started again after a attack at work I was left with mental health issues but I've refund my love for art and I'm on the way to recovery but my art is getting more creative which is good


No artistic background self tought I do more absract style but from time to time I'll do something more realistic you will just need to keep a look out


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