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United Kingdom

February 2008

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Daniel Rodgers

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Figurative artist and illustrator living in Sunderland, UK. My work focuses on a love of painting and drawing with a narrative context. I enjoy using oil or watercolour on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper, timber board. Besides this, I also create digital artworks, sometimes purely digital and sometimes working back and forth between digital and traditional techniques. Capturing a moment of beauty, telling a story or just painting for the love of putting colour on canvas all motivate me to create. A special focus of my work is portraiture in which I look to convey subtle emotions through considered brushwork. My work reflects who I am as a person. My hope is to convey the emotions that I feel through that which I create and elicit a genuine response from the viewer Daniel has worked as an artist and illustrator for over ten years and lives in Sunderland with his wife and children.


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