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United Kingdom

October 2014

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Daniel Loveday

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I'm a surreal artist A typical symbol for me is a goldfish bowl which often represents a fragile environment. So I paint the landscapes I see within my imagination and also landscapes where nature is in the ascendant such as Dartmoor in Devon and Cornwall's coast, I really feel in tune with wild and brooding places. I have been employed in all sorts of creative arenas: interpretation panels for local authorities using my graphics and illustration skills, illustration of children's books, portraits: even getting employed at the Marines Officers Xmas ball, murals, landscapes, fantasy: I illustrated battle scenes for White Dwarf magazine, and cartoons and artwork for various councils and magazines when I worked as a graphic designer In August 2014 I returned to painting as my primary interest and found myself hitting the ground running by selling a number of paintings and getting commissions as well. In March 2017 I built on that and became a full time artist. I also write musicals which get staged from time to time.


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