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United Kingdom

August 2015

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Craig Atkins

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I have been a creative person all my life, my previous career has been around branding, website and app concept design but been an artist & fine art photographer for the past two years. Craig Atkins, a storyteller and photographer based in the UK, who blends modern photography with 16th century art to create innovative and romantic oil-painting edits. The Pre-Raphaelite feel of these modern edits turn your photos into timeless ‘works of art’. Craig sells his art to commercial art galleries, and also provides his painting-style edit to the public, in which he transforms a simple photo into an enchanting piece of visual art. He will blend your digital image with his vintage method of editing, and will provide the finished piece digitally, or on print, canvas or wood, sealed with a high finish gloss with a guarantee of 100 years, so your art continues to remain timeless.


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