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February 2019

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Cornelia Petrea

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I am a full time painter, specialized in large scale colorful abstract paintings. And so my art is an ever evolving expression of what freedom feels like. I consider myself a self-taught artist influenced by abstract designs and works with deep feelings, emotion, and energy. My creativity and love for colors happend to be a good way to help myself through tough times. Creativity in all different ways connects us to who we really are. It is an expression of our inner being and our inner thoughts, feelings and ideas. I create art which embodies a road map, back to a place where you can see and recognize the person that you want and strive to be. Art that inspires us to remember who we are! Art that reminds us of the life that we have learned to love. Art that instills thoughts of freedom and liberty. Instead of forcing you to think in any certain way, we inspire free thinking, ability to conjure thoughts of one-self with each piece that we make.



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