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Surviving the rigours of being an artist.


Self taught metal sculptor.

December 2019

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Corné Nuham

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Corné Nuham was born in East London in South Africa in 1972. Although having grown up in the city (Johannesburg) he always had close links with nature spending all his childhood holidays on the family farm. There his love for nature, tribal art, indigenous cultures developed and there he was also initiated into tribal belief systems and traditions. He started drawing and making simple sculptures at an early age, went to art classes alongside primary school and studied art as a subject at high school. Soon after finishing high school he went travelling through Southern Africa to pursue his love of indigenous cultures, art and mystery. At the age of 24 he decided to leave it all behind and go to England where he based himself in Cambridge, from where he would travel through Europe to satisfy his thirst for the mysterious. In 2005 he moved to North Spain (Basque Country) where he started working in a metal workshop as a welder and from there he emerged as a metal sculptor. He is largely influenced by all his life experiences; Africa is in his blood and the mysterious his personal guide. His art works (sculptures) are alive… smell, dance, sing, eat with its hands… and if you listen closely… they say: “Remember…? I belong to what you are, a lot further back in time than where memory will ever be able to reach.”



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