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United Kingdom

November 2016

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Corinne Hamer

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I am an artist living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK and have been focusing on creating paintings in oil that I like to think are a little bit different to the norm. Born and raised in Maidstone, Kent, UK I began at an early age, drawing animals and cartoon style characters. Painting as a child was something that I never had any real interest in. Having picked up an interest in painting I am predominantly self-taught and have a studio at The Artworks, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK. I have been painting on canvas since around 2016 and am passionate about shape, texture and vibrant colours. My first few paintings were Still Life working from photographed arrangements of varying objects. I wanted to take this style of painting a bit further and now create the images I want to paint through Power Point. Using the internet search engines I first select a desired background and then decide on the subject matter to include. There is no real thought process into what object is included but often just randomly comes into my head and often late at night? I think that this way it gives the viewer something to think about as to why a certain thing or object has been included. I like to think that it will make the viewer smile. I have not specifically taken any inspiration from any one artist but I have been told my many that my work may be likened to James Ensor, Jeff Koons and a few of the ‘Outsider’ artists. My style is bordering on Modernism, Fauvism or Outsider. I am continuously learning and developing my artistic practice and hope that as viewers see my final pieces of work they will engage in and love them as much as I do when I am painting them.


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