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February 2016

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Colin Ross Jack

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A self taught artist, art has been a passion for all my life and continues to be so. I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. Having used water colour, soft pastel [exclusively for 12 years] and acrylic, I now paint mainly in oils in canvas. I paint mostly representational pictures, often seascapes and views of my native fife in scotland, and of travels abroad, eg venice. I am also inspired to paint series of paintings on a particular subject, which have included venice carnival figures, japanese geishas, abstracts and most recently surrealist ‘moonscapes’, linking my art to my other passion of astronomy. I exhibit mainly at the annual arts festival every august in pittenweem, scotland, which has been my main solo exhibition for the past 25 years to date. I also exhibit elsewhere, often with other artists. I have done demonstrations and workshops to art societies for more than 30 years. My paintings have been sold in the uk and abroad, as far afield as australia. Two of my works [of herself] are owned by Michael steele, formerly bass player of ‘the bangles’ I always begin my work on a coloured canvas [often black] with an underpainting in monochrme using acrylic, to establish composition and tone. Oils are then laid on top of the underpainting. I enjoy the richness of oils and like toshow brushwork and texture, often also using a palette knife. My palette varies from the bright colours of flowerscapes to the gray/white/brown of scottish seascapes


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