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January 2017

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I am a self taught artist who was born in Preston, Lancashire in the north west of England where I grew up drawing and sketching and that continued as a hobby on and off through my adult life. I moved to the west midlands in 2010 , where my children and I started a new chapter in our lives .Then in 2012 I found myself with a lot more free time and decided to dabble with acrylic paints and since then I have had a love for the art of painting and feeling I get when I put paint to canvas and have never looked back. Learning more with each piece I finish. I have an emotional attachment to each piece in one way or another. I use acrylic paints, ink, spray paints and airbrush, my style varies dependent on my mood and emotions . The beauty of the female form in one way or another tends to be my inspiration although not always : ) I take a lot of inspiration from street art and urban art and contemporary art or a mixture of it all and people I meet along the way .


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