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United Kingdom

October 2019

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Claire Reilly

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To fulfill your heART you need ART! Most of us artists begin our career the first time we pick up a pencil and this is true for me but I briefly swapped my pencil for a set of solid stainless steel, convex blade scissors, razor sharp..... ‘What fascinates and intrigues me: People, Stories, Life, Colour & Tone, Psychology and Philosophy.’ .......For eighteen years I’ve had the luxury of hands on study of my subjects. While working the colour, tone, shape, form and structure of the hair I collected years worth of knowledge of all that intrigues me. I’m now letting all I’ve gathered spill out on to canvas, paper and more. This adventure began with judgement and survival through the image of a misunderstood power flower The Dandelion, like myself this tough little flower never seems to go away ?? After that...... well you will just have to follow and see ?? x


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