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October 2019

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Clair Hughes

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Born in Taunton and now living in Wales (UK), Clair has studied art and education over many years which is how she honed her style as an artist. Her style of painting is inspired by nature and the natural elements that are drawn from experiences and memories from living in the wonderful landscapes. She spends many hours walking her dog in some of the most beautiful parts of the country taking inspiration from the many untouched vistas. Clair is also well travelled and often draws on her memories and portfolio of photo's to add specific hues to her work. Deepening the range of her palette is usually influenced from the colour changes we see at sunset / sunrise and you will often find familiar colours from nature when looking at her paintings. Clair applies her talent in abstract art and focuses on bringing out the natural qualities of light and reflection to achieve effect in shapes, colours and textures. Her paintings take on a very different quality at night and under subtle lighting. Clair often uses texture in order to create depth and perspective and is passionate about the way the paintings evolve throughout the day and night as the light hits the surfaces. The process of her work involves building the painting in layers of colour and textures, using mainly acrylic paint. Her paintings often have a bold element that provide instant impact that people note immediately and become drawn into. Her work is likeable and easy to appreciate and allows the consumer to continually spot new elements the more it is looked at. Clair has also completed many commissions that have been mostly based on paintings that will enhance a living space, linking colours from the room into the painting. She has found a particular niche in doing this and will happily create a painting based on a colour scheme given. Painting for Clair is a very happy experience and each painting is unique and very important to her as a work of art that enhances mood or feeling. Her canvases are painted on all sides deliberately to avoid the need for a frame that will distract from the detail within it. All her work is also signed and dated on the back as proof of authenticity.



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