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United Kingdom

July 2020

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Cindie Reiter

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My name is Cindie Reiter I’m an artist and I live in the Scottish Highlands. I’m very inspired by my surroundings, the mountains and lochs near my home. I find myself focussing on the sea and its ever changing moods. I am also drawn to try and capture the contrast between humanity and the majestic landscapes, the mountains and lochs and the wee homes which snuggle beneath the hills. Therefore in the last few years I have primarily been a landscape painter, working both en plein air and in my studio on the shores of Loch Carron


I moved around a lot as a child and in my travels developed a longing for home, somewhere I could settle and put down roots. That home turned out to be the Scottish Highlands. A beautiful semi wilderness that has a turbulant history and which continues to be remote and empty.


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