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United Kingdom

December 2019

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Christopher Sheldrake

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I didn't want to bore you too much about my historical journey, and adventures of my ability to paint, but encourage you to understand how my pictures could affect you. My paintings usually start from the faintest glimmer of an idea; it might be a photo, a scene, an image on the telly or my imagination, I even dream pictures. Sometimes an idea for a picture is in someone else's head, which I usually extract eventually using several sketches. The inspirations are generated from my mood, my location, and of course, the subject. There is also an undefined creative power that radiates in the background of my mind continuously. I call it my need to paint. When you look at one of my pictures, remember your not just seeing a picture, but you are looking at a part of my thinking my imagination, my creativeness, it's about the world about me, my thoughts, ideas, and my imagination. I do not want people to think I slap a bit of paint on a canvas. When I paint, I'm portraying my personality on a canvas, and you the buyer are purchasing this to show on your wall. So remember this every time you look at my picture and tell your friends how well you know the Artist.


I started painting when I was about 5 and have painted ever since. My style has changed over the years as I now like to paint in a more modern way. I paint wherever I go on holiday , at home , up a mountain, on a boat you name it.


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