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May 2011

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Christine Heyworth

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Hello! My name is Christine Heyworth. I am an artist and surface pattern designer. I have had a keen interest in drawing and painting from an early age, when I was inseparable from my sketch books and pencils. I left school with my art GCSE and followed that up with a BTEC in general art and design and a HND in textiles. I have since been working as a soft furnishing designer, whilst keeping up my art work in my free time. I love to sketch either by copying something in front of me or whatever appears in my head at the time. I also love to paint or use mixed media to create my canvases. I paint predominantly in acrylic but also in watercolour. My inspiration comes from the environment that surrounds me. I love nothing more than to capture a beautiful scene, blossoming flower or gracious animals on my camera to then take to my easel. I like to work this way so that I can decide what to paint whenever the mood takes me. I take inspiration from the impressionist painters especially Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gough. I convey liveliness and emotion through my paintings by effectively using the colours I see through my artists eye to set the mood and by using quirky brush strokes to convey emotion. My paintings always take me on a magical journey and I hope that they will take you there too. Please enjoy! I also work on a commission basis, so if you have always wanted your favourite photograph or dearest pet captured as a piece of art then please enquire through the art gallery website. I look forward to hearing from you!


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It is a nice picture just right for my wifes anniversary present!

Submitted by Duncan B 07/11/2013


Submitted by Duncan B 07/11/2013