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January 2019

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Christel Haag

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I am a self-taught abstract artist, having travelled extensively, I also have spent several years in Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Today, I live and work in Munich, Germany. I have previously worked as an Instructor, Consultant for Foreign Students, as well as Public Relations Officer at Universities in Germany. In 2002 I decided to follow my heart and dedicate more time to developing my skills as an Artist. Although predominantly a self-taught artist I continually take classes by leading and well-known artists at prestigious art institutions. This included studies at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier, the Summer Academy of Blieskastel, as well as a stay in Provence. I have a deep passion for creating abstract art. Nature inspires and drives my work. Whilst the many marvellous impressions I take home from my travels frequently appear in their abstract form in my paintings. I also expresss the mood and feeling of a particular moment in time.                                         It is first and foremost the joy of painting, of colours, of the creative process itself and of the energy of being that drives my artistic creation.


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