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June 2008

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Chris Klein

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Chris Klein was born in the early fifties. After studying Graphic Design for four years at Watford School of Art he pursued a career in that field, enabling him to continue his artistic development independent of other considerations. As well as one man shows at Freuds in Shaftesbury Avenue and Watford Town Hall as part of the launch of Watford council's 'space2'project, his recent exhibitions include:- Wet Pixels 2, Jurrassic Coast Gallery, Nr Portland - July 2008: zerosandones, Fairfields Art Centre, Basingstoke - May 2008: Caution Wet Pixels, The Peacock Gallery, Poole - June 2007: Never Be Seen, The Baxter Gallery, Kingston - December 2006/January 2007: Snapper, Brixton Village Market - April 2004: Synergy Gallery Cafe, Brighton - Feb 2004: Colour By Numbers - The Wine Gallery, Chelsea - March/June 2003. "My aim has always been to produce art which transcends, reason, explanation, or the need for justification. With this in mind, I set out to produce work that wouldn't require any knowledge of the culture or history of society or art and could be equally accessible to everyone. I use mathematics, geometry, logic and systems as a way of producing images free of any personal baggage. My intention is to create works that will be a valid expression of the digital medium. Incorporating current technology into art reflects both its nature and its influence, consequently the electronic texture of the image is integral to the work in the same way that brush strokes and canvas are an essential part of a painting. As lithographs, etchings and screenprints all have certain qualities unique to the medium, witness marks to the way they were created, so the same can be true of digital images. I endeavour to make this apparent by emphasizing the processes inherent in the works' production."



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