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United Kingdom

November 2013

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Charlie Adams

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Hi. Thanks for looking at my work and reading this; to cut a long story short I studied Art for years at colleges in the south east of England and got a BA in Printmaking in 2000. It has always been my intended vocation but most of my actual work has taken me into other fields of interest. Most recently in Sign making assembling Neon, LED's and 'built-up' letters. My strongest work has been in working directly from life and drawing what is in front of me. My favourite subject is people and I am currently working on a lot of portraiture from photographs with the intention of working from life using models in the future. I have sold a couple of paintings on this website and most other sales have been made via exhibiting work in galleries and bars. I hope you would like to buy an artwork from me, if not enjoy looking at them.



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