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April 2009

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Charles Willmott

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The magic of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace’s Midnight Tango appears on canvas! Renowned figurative painter Charles Willmott was granted special access to the two stars of Strictly Come Dancing in order to paint dance sequences from their sell-out West End Midnight Tango show. Set in a late night bar in downtown Buenos Aires…Vincent and Flavia, take the audience on a journey into the heart of this intoxicating city, as danger and excitement, joy and jealousy, pain and passion combine into a spectacular and explosive live stage show. Charles, a largely self-taught painter whose portraits of dancers have been keenly collected for decades, was delighted with the opportunity. Charles describes himself as a ‘figurative realist’ and as such his paintings are faithful reproductions of his subjects. In the case of Vincent and Flavia, however, he took special pains to capture the dancers’ facial features, making them instantly recognisable as the stars of Strictly Come Dancing. Several stages of Charles’ creative process are captured in the show. The resulting exhibition ranges from soft sketches to bold oil paintings that capture all the drama and atmosphere of the Midnight Tango show. “I’ve enjoyed the great privilege of working with these talented World Argentine Tango Show Champions, and I thank Vincent and Flavia for re-enacting some of their stunning routines for me,” says Charles Willmott. Born in Stratford-up-on Avon, the only son of artist and metal craftsman Hague Willmott. Charles, although for the most part self-taught, studied originally at the Birmingham College of Art. As a contemporary figurative realist he prepares graphite & charcoal studies before painting in oils. Charles has been painting since the early 60’s and in the mid to late 80’s he acquired a passion for the Orient and its cultures. Charles has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, The Royal Ballet and dancers Miyako Yoshida and Darcey Bussell. In the years 2000 and 2003 this dedication to the stage and performance achieved him a finalist place in the prestigious Garrick/Milne Prize and today Charles’s work disciplines are divided fairly equally between Portraiture, Female Form and Dance.


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Absolutely beautiful, I couldn't be more pleased.

Submitted by Lorna O 07/06/2014


Very helpful and I would highly recommend.

Submitted by Lorna O 07/06/2014