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January 2013

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Charles Greaves

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A photograph captures a moment in time, portraying what you see before you, a memory, a stolen image that will always be yours. As an artist, I am always striving to purvey the unobserved life of what we actually see. The photograph that becomes a work of art, is only a brief glimpse of what the mind can uncover from the image that is observed before you. I have been a soldier, designer and artist, having been in the "profession" for more than 30 years. This has provided opportunities to observe and capture the life that we see but so often overlook. What I love about photography as an art form is the immediate capture of that very moment, the light, shadow, colour and the feeling that I have, hopefully grasped what my eye has seen. Photographs turned into paintings, casting aside the captured reality and revealing the vision that is locked within the mind. Presenting an informal image over a more formal composition, avoiding any adherence to strict rules of light and shade to achieve form Arriving on this earth, via the kitchen table, in 1952, with loving parents and an older sister (18months), I had a wonderful start, then school, DID NOT LIKE!!! Just wanted to draw and paint. Eventually left school! Soldiering to art, art to soldiering, that’s how it went for two decades, then through things that happened to the old body I became the art director at a small but upmarket printing company. A successful career as a commercial artist continued for over 30 years, until I decided to give this up in favour of photography and painting. I work from my studio in Northamptonshire, selling work through galleries throughout the United Kingdom and via the internet websites.


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