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January 2007

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Catherine J Pier

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Catherine J. Pier BSc, FRSA was born in Cheltenham in 1956. In 1977 she graduated from Birmingham University with a degree in Biological Sciences. Having sketched and painted from a very early age, the arrival of her first son encouraged her to teach herself to paint in watercolour. Her paintings were immediately popular. Her first one-man exhibition was a sell out and she was approached by galleries to supply them. She is now a well-known Wiltshire Artist and in 1995 she was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She is also an honorary member of Faringdon Artists, a member of the Guild of Wiltshire Artists, Marlborough Artists, Highworth Artists and has been Chairperson of Purton Artists for many years. Catherine now paints in Pastel, Watercolour and most recently, Acrylic, & Oil, however Pastel is her preferred medium. The Cotswolds and the Wiltshire countryside with their rolling hills, gentle valleys, stone villages and dreamy rivers, inspire her. She has a natural talent for conveying her love of nature in exquisite pastel paintings, taking the viewer into the countryside and leaving them with that wonderful feeling you get from such a calm idyllic setting. The superior quality of her paintings makes them highly collectible and sought after, both as original paintings and Limited Edition Prints. Her works hang in private collections around the world. This year she was commissioned by the Oman Royal Estates to paint two large oil canvas's for the Sultan of Oman's Royal Residence.


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