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April 2018

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Andreea Cataros

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Andreea Cataros is a full-time artist living in Constanta, România. She started painting very early in her childhood, but began an art career later in life, after completing her academic studies. Her work combines the two, most important interests that she always had: art and the miracle of life. Although she attended some art classes and workshops, she obtained a university degree in natural sciences and she considers herself as self-thought in art. Her goal is to capture life in a unique, almost magical manner, as seen in the eyes of an animal, the raw green of a weed, or the traces of time left on our surroundings. She finds inspiration in her daily life, seeking various subjects that have a story to tell: from animals to human figures or from nature to traditional romanian houses, everything has an emotional impact and can be revealed through painting in a different perspective.


Though change defines me entirely, art has always constituted an integral part of my life, as the need to create is manifesting itself as a true leitmotiv, a live energy channeling my existence of what I am today. Andreea Cataros


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