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United Kingdom

May 2013

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Carolynne Coulson

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My paintings inhabit the area between abstraction and figuration, they are rich in colour and hidden meaning, I love forms , colours and textures that hint at meaning and yet allow my eyes to dance across the painting and my mind to run free. I occasionally start with a sketch or a plan in mind, but the painting always becomes more about the paint itself, the interaction of the colours and mediums creating the texture and suggesting the composition, the scratched back technique delivering linear elements and revealing the hidden layers below the surface. I love to paint without an expectation of the finished painting, just trusting to chance and intuition, embracing a process which minimises my control I find delivers the happy accidents I am looking for. The freedom of the process allows things to bubble up from somewhere below the conscious mind, from a deeper and more primal, instinct driven part of the psyche where chaos and creation are one. It is this part of my mind which is the most creative and which I let loose to paint. During the process the painting is in constant flux, paint goes on and comes off, scratched into and hacked back, I embrace the unknown during the process and gradually the narrative seems to emerge. I believe that it connects me with our long distant ancestors who interpreted the shadows on the walls of the caves they inhabited into beasts and figures both from their world and their subconscious, like them I am not averse to using my fingers and anything which comes to hand to make the marks I want; This style of painting I feel is more visceral and true, the scratched through layers of paint only add to the emotive power of the finished result, like scars each one tells its own story. Layers are of prime importance to my work, figures and narratives appear and disappear during the process, I not only enjoy discovering these stories in the paint and I also perversely enjoy hiding them either partially or entirely, so that only I know and can see the trace of the hidden meaning. Ideally leaving some part behind that hints at a meaning but allows the viewer to bring their own story to a painting, to interpret the forms and elements into a meaning individual to them is what I aim for. I embrace the symbiosis of creation and destruction, and the freedom that this offers me, discovering and then erasing figures and also intuitively adding destructive aspects to my creative process brings a new power to the finished work gifting it a tangible raw edge. Forms can become deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted, in this way I invite the viewer to move into a place of speculation and possibilities. Education: BA Hons. Fine Art MA Creative Multimedia. Awards: Joe Cole Memorial Drawing Award


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