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United Kingdom

November 2018

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Caroline Skinner

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Painting and drawing have always been part of my life. I studied at evening classes for a while under the late Bill Lehan in Sussex, doing eclectic art projects, but I have no formal art qualifications other than "O" Level Art gained at school last century, so I consider myself largely self-taught. I've supported wildlife conservation charities since I was a teenager, and although I do occasionally paint other subjects, I'm mostly known for painting colourful and expressive wildlife and animal paintings, including pet portraits, mainly in acrylics. I can often be found with a sketchbook and camera at UK conservation parks, and I enjoy supporting their excellent wildlife conservation projects. I love the challenge of trying to capture the character and vulnerability of the animals I paint, even when the colours I use are often less than natural! My work can be found in a private museum in Normandy, France, and since starting to market my art in 2016, my artwork has been sold to clients in the UK, Europe and the USA.



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