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United Kingdom

July 2013

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Caroline Blake

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Caroline is a self-taught artist - inspired by her maternal grandfather, who was a member of the Royal Academy. She permanently exhibits in a Suffolk gallery, has had works in art exhibitions throughout East Anglia, many of them charity based; and is a member of local groups: the March Hare Collective, the Bury St Edmunds Art Society and Suffolk Open Studios. A specifically commissioned piece of glass artwork, taken from an original painting of hers, was unveiled by Lady Elsie Robson, the widow of Sir Bobby Robson. The piece called “Felicitree” a vibrant and upbeat impressionistic work, now permanently resides in the West Suffolk Hospital named after Lady Robson. Caroline’s collection of work depicts impressionistic style vividly coloured trees and plants using acrylics and mixed media. Created to enhance public spaces and homes alike, her pieces feature vibrant pearlescent or fluorescent colours and are embellished with crystal gems, beads and glitter. Tissue paper and other mediums are used to make sumptuous and beautifully textured effects that catch the light. Her passion for interpreting the colours in nature is evident in her bright and luminous mixed media art. She loves to bring the outside in with her paintings and harness the feel good factor associated with living things. The titles of the pieces are rather tongue in cheek; playing with the word "tree”, which is worked into the title reflecting Caroline’s interest in words as an English Teacher.


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