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United Kingdom

February 2018

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Carmen Page

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I am a Canadian born aspiring artist who loves to work with many forms of medium but specializing in Acrylics. I have enjoyed creating works of art over the past 30 years and I love to explore various techniques especially fluid painting. My inspirations come from my surroundings, and daily life experiences. I love bursts of color and energy and try to include this in my creations. Since residing in the UK over the past 15 years, I have been so inspired by the beautiful landscapes and culture. I also try to include the beauty that I am surrounded by, in my works. I am a secondary school graphics art graduate. I have skills in various art forms using different mediums but my preference is to work with acrylics. I have achieved many tasks from graphic design to wall murals. I have used my skills in my daily life and now I am able to focus all my attention to my fluid painting as well as acrylic paintings.


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