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United Kingdom

February 2019

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Carl Bevan

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When I was a kid I either wanted to be a taxidermist, drummer or an artist. I ended up being a terrible taxidermist , not a bad drummer. I was the drummer in 60ft Dolls. We were instrumental in establishing the "Cool Cymru" Welsh music scene in the 1990s. Touring extensively throughout Europe , USA and Japan we had several UK top 40 releases and a Number 1 album in the UK Indie charts. Sharing the bill with the likes of Oasis , The Sex Pistols and many festival slots including Glastonbury and Reading saw us burn bright but ultimately burn out at the end of the 90s. The plan was always to reunite with my other first love , art after the dust had settled. Artists don`t need to suck their cheeks in in band photos when they get older and also avoid the occupational hazards of touring lifestyle excess! After acclimatizing to a more peaceful existence I try to focus my energy into expressive landscapes that convey movement and life with bold strokes and vivid colour. My landscapes frequently depict strong dusk and dawn sunlight featuring scenes from the beautiful Welsh countryside. Being self taught I can describe the experience of painting of like being in a fight : Sometimes you win , sometimes the painting wins


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