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United Kingdom

October 2019

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Bryony Neylan-Francis

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I am a self-taught artist from London - having been creating pieces all my life I have only recently taken the step to exhibiting and selling. In October I was accepted to exhibit for the first time; three of my portraits are currently available for sale at Conclave Gallery in Brighton. My focus is mainly on depicting strong women or gender ambiguous portraits; it is important to me to balance juxtaposing elements of gender and sexuality in my work. As the tide begins to turn on media and society primarily seeing and portraying women as sexual objects I purposefully do portraits where the steely stare is the focus, flipping the idea of the 'female gaze' so the viewer becomes the object of inspection. Conversely, I also enjoy combating the shame around expressions of female sexuality with creating sexually charged, provocative depictions of the female body using juxtaposing elements, balancing classically feminine aspects, such as colour palette and fauna with traditionally masculine tough 'in your face' stances and hard apparel materials. This year I have also revisited my film camera and enjoy documenting changing social landscapes and architectural facets such as form, colour, and texture. Often I use my observations to experiment with abstract painting, which I hope to develop further into mixed media and collage.



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