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March 2011

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Brian Richardson

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Studied at Coventry (N.D.D.) Manchester (A.T.C., A.T.D.) Keele (D.A.S.E.) Birmingham (M.A.) Everyone has opinions about art. When you look at my paintings, you may not "understand" them. No matter. Just delay judgement........look.....take the opportunity to dream. I invite you to participate in the dialogue through your own unique interpretation. What I am doing when creating my art, is exploring the nature of intuition and feeling, combining both. My "visual vocabulary" is drawn from my unconscious world of the observed. There is a constant searching for sign, and meaning. How do I go about this? The act itself is spontaneous and involves constant risk taking. Paint is applied in a variety of ways. I am constructing an image from nothing, and I am "joyfully manic."........."I do not seek, I find (Pablo Picasso). I find that when I am painting, music has the ability to motivate and relax, enabling the analytical side of my brain to be suspended, and my psychological state to enter "the zone" or "flow" more readily. I let my hands and eyes do the painting without influence from my analytical mind. Sometimes I initiate, other times I listen, harnessing my emotions to arrange elements until I "know" what works, or indeed, when to stop. The canvas itself is rarely static, moving from upright on my easel to horizontal on the floor, and all angles between as the mood dictates. Why do I do this? I love the act, the communion of painting, and when engaged, a dialogue is taking place between me and the surface of the canvas. Paint, lovely, lovely paint, is the enabler in the process! This private and introspective conversation is a constant debate about instinct or logic, chaos or order, chance or plan, random or with purpose, all combining to create a series of dynamic tensions. I am probing the relationship between my logical and intuitive self, and challenging my learned perception of reality. When the painting dialogue ends, the result usually relates to my own thoughts and feelings concerning "the human condition", social comment, or political debate. What then becomes important and fascinating to me is how others commune with the results. Another process emerges. The spectator has his/her own interaction and dialogue.....! This is one of the reasons I enjoy opportunities to produce site-specific work in a spirit of collaboration, and where I am challenged to discover how can I reflect the personalities of my Clients and enhance the beauty of their physical and spiritual space. Who influences me? It is difficult to distil this to a core, but must include the paintings and writings of Turner, Blake, Kandinsky, Klee, and my Grandchildren. My paintings can be found in Institutions, but mainly in Private collections in U.K., U.S.A., Spain, and New Zealand.


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