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United Kingdom

August 2017

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Brian R. Gassaway

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Yearning to become a painter but lacking the confidence or guidance, Brian R. Gassaway began his self-directed art studies later in life. However, with hindsight he feels that this maturity enabled him to accept his works and how his painting style manifests and develops. Brian spent from 2006-2014 in private art studies; educating himself in human anatomy and art history. From 2014 to the present date of 2019, he has been developing his style and producing work for potential sales. Brian’s early influences include Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomy works, impressionism, post impressionism and early 20th century modern art and he is currently influenced by figurative abstract expressionism and also abstract surrealist art. Born in Baltimore MD in 1978, Brian has recently relocated to Birmingham UK in 2017 and is working in oil, acrylic and mixed media on paper and canvas.



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