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United Kingdom

November 2021

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Bradley Taylor

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Art, whether photography or mixed media collage, allows me to process emotions and experiences in a less volatile and destructive manner than typically experienced due to mental health issues. Anxiety and depression are the two main symptoms of my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and creating art ease these symptoms considerably. My photographic art typically focuses on nature, particularly the areas surrounding Hampstead Heath where I am currently based, and occasionally venture towards black and white abstracts. With mixed-media, I typically am influenced by abstract expressionism and impressionist approaches to art. I enjoy "upcycling" packaging, magazines, books etc to ensure my art has a minimal impact on the environment. Art for me is also perhaps an answer to the age-old “How are out?” without the automatic, almost obligatory, “Good thanks, you?” 


Creation and admiration of art is the finest form of therapy.


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