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Regularly completes private commissions in varying Media and subjects
Exhibited and sold work at the ING Discerning Eye (2010 and 2018)
Exhibited and sold work at the The Society of Women Artists (2013, 2014, and 2015) at the Mall Galleries, London

United Kingdom

BA Interdisciplinary Fine Art

May 2022

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Bethany Y Milam

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Starting out, I trained as an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist and then went on to complete a PGCE. During the 10 years plus, that I have worked as a professional artist and art tutor, I have gained many different skills and experiences and worked with a huge variety of media. My work has been exhibited and sold in National and local exhibitions as well as at fairs and online. I have completed public and private commissions including large installations. Besides art my other passion is wildlife and birdwatching and so animals, birds and natural landscapes are themes that feature heavily in my paintings. Because of my training and background, I am constantly exploring and experimenting. In particular I enjoy using watercolour, ink, and various drawing media, as well as acrylic.


I enjoy the challenge of a new subject or a blank canvas.


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