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United Kingdom

December 2014

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Bethany landell

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Bethany Landell is a young self taught full time artist from Ireland. Her soft yet energetic paintings will brighten any wall. Bold brush and palette knife strokes bring the canvases to life with an impasto technique. Bethanys work focuses mainly on flowers, landscapes and seascapes. She has had a number of successful group and solo exhibitions in Ireland but plans to venture further afield this year.


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This large painting is pure quality and value for money. The texturing is so thick it totally brings the flowers to life. I am constantly touching it. You can clearly see the movement in it. It could have been a little lighter for my personal taste. I feel that white flowers are much under utilised in these types of painting. Still a gorgeous piece though!

Submitted by Yanine R 15/06/2015


First class. Highly professional always.

Submitted by Yanine R 15/06/2015