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United Kingdom

June 2018

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Beth Neal

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A self taught Artist until 2014 when I studied painting and Drawing , as a mature Artist for a year, at West Dean College Chichester. A recent Graduate Alumni from West Dean, encouraged me to work as Artist in a Residence at various venues. I exhibit widely and in 2017 showed my work at Michael House in Cambridge. My work has transitioned into a more Surreal genre but I still love to paint what I see around me. I am inspired by my Imagination . Using imagery from the landscape along with complex imagination has enabled me to create an emotive tableau of images. I love the work of Lenora Cartington, Magritte, Francis Bacon, Picasso and Modigliani. I will be showing here at Art Gallery my work in Acrylics, Silk, Sculpture, Watercolour and Egg Tempera. Thank you for looking at my work.


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