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United Kingdom

September 2015

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Benjamin Mckay

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I am a self taught street artist/painter living in South East London. I love to paint with spray cans but use anything I can get my hands on to create a nice gritty concrete texture on the canvas. Texturiser, Acrylics, Paint Pens, Oil's and old emulsion! I grew up in a small town in South Wales and fell in love with graffiti around 1989 through my love for Hip Hop and the fact that drawing was pretty much the only thing I was any good at! My two bibles; 'Graffiti Art' and 'Spray Can Art' gave me the inspiration to practice with my mate DEPO and I've never stopped the flow. I paint commissions/portraits and loads of freelance work for clients including shop fronts, festivals, TV shows, theatre productions and charities. I have also successfully run my own stall at Greenwich Market but lately I've been solely focusing on studio work producing canvas and murals.


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